Accordez votre caisse claire! (et révisez votre anglais)

This video is taken from Udo Masshoff`s "The Ultimate Drumtuning Revolution" DVD with Evans Drumheads and Masshoffdrums. Get rid of muffling and duct tape! This trick shows you how you can control your snare drum and tune it in any direction. From ringy to dry everything is possible with just a drum key! Check it out, you will love it!!!! Udo Masshoff is a platinum awarded drum sound designer, builds luxury drums under the name of Masshoffdrums (Rollings Stones, Iggy Pop etc.) and has developped a tuning system that works fast and is easy as ringing the bell. Get the hole Drumtuning DVD: Download: Warning: This DVD contains content that allows you to tune a drum in one minute!

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